Dynamics CRM 365: Build Automation for Create/Update RESX WebResource + Power Automate

In this post, we already make the basics of the exe program for updating Resx WebResource and being called with Power Automate Desktop. Now we will continue to extend our customization. Power Automate Desktop enables us to make automation for our local computer. For instance, we have a Virtual Machine that we host in Microsoft Azure for the development process. We want the developer to fill in the localization excel (we can sync the excel using OneDrive) then he/she need to trigger a flow to update the Resx web-resource in our CRM environment on the fly (can be by PowerApps/whatever channel you prefer). Because we will trigger Desktop Flow, we need to connect our Virtual Machine / Workstation using On-Premises Data Gateway.

Create On-Premises Data Gateway

To make our Power Automate (Microsoft Flow) can call our Virtual Machine (in this example, using my local PC). We need to download and install On-Premise Data Gateway here. After you install, then you need to log in using your account and set it like these steps:

Register a new gateway on this computer:

Setup a new gateway on this computer

Fill in the necessary information:

Set name and key for gateway.

After done, it will show like this:

Setup gateway finished.

Create The Flow

After the gateway already sets, the next step we need to do is creating Cloud Flow to call my Desktop Flow. Here is the screenshot of my Power Automate Flow:

Flow setup

Our Power Automate Desktop receives two parameters: fileName and excelFilePath which we can fill in. But in this scenario, we hardcode the parameters with the defined values.

Here is the result when we testing the flow:

Calling Power Automate Flow from another flow


  1. We can create a simple part of DevOps solution with combines the technology that PowerPlatform haves.
  2. Using this way, we actually can echange the scenario with our preference. For example, we can bound this automation to a Team Group, once a Developer chat in a group Team, we start the automation process (I don’t have a subscription, so I can’t show it here).

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