Implement a Generic Concurrency Action in Dataverse

Today, we will implement a generic concurrency solution that I think will fit as many scenarios as we can. With the help of Azure SQL Server + Dataverse Custom API, we can implement a simple architecture solution to handle the concurrency (only allowing the first operation to be successful while dropping the second request or … Continue reading Implement a Generic Concurrency Action in Dataverse


Enforce ConcurrencyBehavior on DataverseServiceClient

Celebrating the GA of DataverseServiceClient, let's talk about how to implement concurrency (if there are two users updating the same data at the same time, the system must ensure only the first update success and make fail the other) using an out-of-the-box feature. From Dataverse itself, we have UpdateRequest and DeleteRequest messages that have ConcurrencyBehavior … Continue reading Enforce ConcurrencyBehavior on DataverseServiceClient