Dynamics CRM: addOnLookupTagClick and removeOnLookupTagClick

Today we will learn simple methods that are related to the datatype lookup on CRM: addOnLookupTagClick and removeOnLookupTagClick. Basically, addOnLookupTagClick is a function to register an event when the user is clicking the lookup tag value.

Click the Lookup Tag value

From the image above, if we click the lookup tag value and we register the events using addOnLookupTagClick, those events will be called.

While removeOnLookupTagClick is a function to remove the event that we registered before using addOnLookupTagClick.

So what is the scenario that I can think of using this method? Let’s say when we want to open a specific form, then we can use this code:

var blog = {};
(function () {
  var lookupFunction = function (context) {
    var eventArgs = context.getEventArgs();
    // Disabled the original open form
    var lookupTagValue = eventArgs.getTagValue();
    var entityFormOption = {
      entityName: lookupTagValue.entityType,
      entityId: lookupTagValue.id,
      formId: "708c87fc-0e43-4cff-bcd9-d5bf15af5a5d",
    // Open the lookup with specific formId
  var addLookupTagClickFn = function (context) {
    const formContext = context.getFormContext();
  var removeLookupTagClickFn = function (context) {
    const formContext = context.getFormContext();
    // To Removee the event we registered before
  this.formOnLoad = function (context) {

From the code above, we can see that we are intercepting the original open form (when we click the lookup tag value), we call eventArgs.preventDefault() to disable the original navigation behavior and open the form that we wanted using Xrm.Navigation.openForm(entityFormOption) method.

Happy CRM-ing!


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